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The Visible Alpha AI Monitor aggregates publicly-traded U.S. technology companies, providing a comprehensive measure of the current state and projected growth of the core AI industry. This encompasses the AI-exposed revenues for companies that are building AI infrastructure and capabilities for both enterprises and consumers. Investors may use the Visible Alpha AI Monitor to generate new ideas to capture growth emanating from the core AI industry, as well as to evaluate the potential AI exposure of technology stocks in their existing portfolios.

The companion Excel worksheet of the Visible Alpha AI Monitor provides a comprehensive data view of the core AI sector landscape within the U.S. technology industry.

Why This Worksheet Is A Must-Have:

  • Simplified Data:
    Get an overview of key metrics and data points, making it easier to analyze and compare companies and line items related to AI.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    Includes data from 62 publicly-traded companies, showcasing the breadth and depth of AI-exposed revenues.
  • Expert Analysis:
    The worksheet is a result of meticulous research and fundamental analysis, offering reliable and potentially actionable insights.

Ideal For:

  • Portfolio managers and analysts seeking to enhance their understanding of the core AI market.
  • Investors looking to identify potential growth areas and make informed decisions.
  • Equity research analysts interested in benchmarking their AI-focused estimates.
  • Corporate investor relations teams conducting peer analysis on trends and forecasts in the AI space.

How to Use the Worksheet:

  • Data at a Glance:
    Quickly assess the AI-exposed revenues and growth projections of key players in the tech industry.
  • Idea Generation:
    Utilize the data for generating new investment ideas and strategies.
  • Portfolio Evaluation:
    Compare and contrast the AI exposure of technology stocks within your portfolio.

Stay Ahead in the AI Revolution

This worksheet is more than just data – it’s a gateway to understanding and potentially capitalizing on an AI-driven future. Download it now and position yourself at the forefront of AI investment insights.

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