Get Access to Visible Alpha Insights API Tutorials

We provide the market’s view to enable you to extract valuable insights and gain an investment edge. To do that, we provide multiple ways for you to access and incorporate our data directly into your workflow. This page provides access to five tutorials to help both new and seasoned users get the most out of our Insights API products.

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Included Tutorials:

  • Surprise Industry KPIs: This tutorial examines the accuracy of consensus estimates for key lines for a specific industry before an earnings announcement. The tutorial focuses on application software firms with active consensus coverage.
  • Revisions: This tutorial covers how to retrieve revisions data for a specific time period, first at the Company Data level, and then for Standardized Data.
  • Surprise Aggregates: This tutorial guides you through the process of aggregating individual company consensus forecasts to generate a new signal. We showcase energy firm data on oil-equivalent production volumes.
  • Long-Term Growth: This tutorial showcases how to use our long-term forecasts to analyze the biotechnology industry by focusing on pipeline drug revenue.
  • Line Item Monitor: This tutorial covers how to retrieve data views for a single company.

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