Visible Alpha Insights For Investment Bankers

Enhance Your Modeling and Analysis While Saving Hours Each Week

Visible Alpha provides in-depth, interactive consensus estimates and actuals, with pre-standardized financial and operating metrics and industry-specific KPIs. Dramatically enhance due diligence and relative analysis with Visible Alpha’s unmatched granularity and data quality.

Elevate Due Diligence and Relative Analysis With Visible Alpha

Simplifying Investment Banking Workflows

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Granular Consensus Data:
Conduct deeper and better analysis, with granular views into both estimates and actuals for the financial line items, operating metrics, and industry KPIs that drive company performance.

Insightful Quantitative Modeling:
Develop sophisticated models with Visible Alpha data, incorporating key metrics like valuation, market sentiment, and long-term forecasts.

Pre-Standardized Line Items:
Optimize your financial modeling workflows with time-saving standardized line items at both the industry and company level.

Baked-In Auditability:
Have confidence in our numbers, with full transparency of data sources and model assumptions, as well as detailed calculation logic and analytics for every data point on our platform.

Easier Peer Benchmarking:
Quickly and seamlessly compare company models to market consensus and industry peers, all within a single platform.

Custom Critical Alerts:
Leverage custom alerts, watchlists, and line-item monitors to receive timely updates on market shifts and stay informed without distractions.