Visible Alpha Insights For Long-Only Asset Managers

Short-Term Dynamics Impact Long-Term Forecasts

Visible Alpha Insights provides long-only investors with a seamless view of consensus estimates and actuals for granular financial line items and operating metrics.

Support Sustainable, Long-Term Investment Strategies

Strategic Tools for In-Depth Analysis

Built-In Standardization:
Eliminate inconsistencies that arise from different companies and analysts using different terminology for similar data points with Standardized Data.

Effective Risk Management:
Stay ahead of market changes with our custom alerts and tools like Surprise Analysis.

Streamlined Investor Communications:
Effectively communicate short-term dynamics impacting long-term strategies during earnings seasons.

Insightful Quantitative Modeling:
Develop sophisticated models with Visible Alpha data, incorporating key metrics like valuation, market sentiment, and long-term forecasts.

Strategic Fundamental Analysis:
Amplify your fundamental analysis to identify mispriced companies, evaluate financial health, and assess growth prospects.

Streamlined Access to Analyst Data:
Boost your team’s efficiency with direct access to sell-side research reports and models with calculation logic still intact.