Discover 845 new companies with deep consensus data on Visible Alpha

Discover 845 New Companies With Deep Consensus Data On Visible Alpha

At the start of 2017, there were around 1,300 companies covered on the Visible Alpha Insights platform. In one year, we commercially launched the platform, added tools to empower investment professionals to uncover investment edge in new ways, and initiated coverage on 845 new companies. In 2018, we look forward to continuously expanding our coverage universe and bringing our clients new functionality to discover insights.

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Visible Alpha Company Initiations

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Visible Alpha enhances the investment research process by extracting meaningful value from key sell-side assets, including analyst models, research reports and corporate access events through partnerships with the world’s premier investment research organizations. Our deep consensus data provides granular and timely insights into the sell-side view of companies, industries and peer groups. For more information, visit