Alcoholic Beverages KPI Forecasts

Visible Alpha offers detailed consensus estimates of key performance indicators for the alcoholic beverage industry across all geographies, sourced from the world’s leading equity analysts.

The alcoholic beverage industry is a segment of the commercial drink industry that is involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages comprise a large group of beverages that contain varying amounts of alcohol (ethanol). Alcoholic beverages produced on an industrial scale include beer, wine, liquor, and spirits such as brandy, whisky, rum, gin, cognac, vodka, tequila, and hard seltzer. Below is current consensus forecast data on revenue drivers, such as sales volume and average selling price; and financial metrics, such as total revenue and gross profit/(loss). These key alcoholic beverage metrics aid market participants in identifying alcoholic beverages trends and future performance of companies, including Heineken, China Resource Beer, Treasuary Wine Estates and more.