Packaged Food & Meats KPI Forecasts

Visible Alpha offers detailed consensus estimates of key performance indicators for packaged food and meat industry across all geographies, sourced from the world’s leading equity analysts.

The packaged foods industry comprises companies that produce convenience food products that have been prepared ahead of time and packaged in a way that increases their shelf life. The packaged food and meat industry includes all food and beverage products such as cereals & confectionery, bakery, and snacks, nutrition products, ready meals such as sauces & condiments, baby food, soups, spread & dips, pet nutrition, meat poultry, and seafood, dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages, and frozen products. Below is current consensus forecast data on revenue drivers, such as organic growth total revenue and volume impact total revenue; and financial metrics, such as total revenue and gross profit/(loss). These key packaged food and meat metrics aid market participants in identifying packaged food and meat trends and future performance of companies, including The Hershey Company, Tate & Lyle PLC, Gianbia Pic, Kerry Group and more.