Upstream Oil & Gas KPI Forecasts

Visible Alpha offers detailed consensus estimates for key performance indicators for upstream oil and gas companies across all geographies, sourced from the world’s leading equity analysts.

The upstream oil and gas industry, also known as the exploration and production (E&P) industry, is the first of three segments in the energy sector value chain. Upstream activities include exploring basins for hydrocarbons, drilling and developing wells and extracting hydrocarbons such as crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs) from those wells.

Below is current consensus forecast data on volatility of benchmark prices of crude oil and natural gas; production volume and cost metrics; price and production metrics; and other KPIs that investors use to look for an investment edge. These key upstream oil and gas metrics aid market participants in identifying oil and gas trends and future performance of exploration and production companies, such as Equinor, CNOOC, ConocoPhillips and more. View all Oil & Gas Resources >