Discover the Power of Visible Alpha for Buy-Side Professionals

Transforming Market Data into Actionable Insights

In today’s dynamic investment landscape, buy-side professionals are tasked with navigating through vast amounts of market data to discover insights that drive alpha generation. Visible Alpha offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to transform this complexity into clear, actionable insights, enhancing research, optimizing workflows, and sharpening investment strategies.

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Why Choose Visible Alpha?

Granular Consensus Estimates

Visible Alpha empowers analysts with unprecedented data depth, offering intricate operating metrics, comprehensive financials, actuals, historicals, and more. Understand what drives a company’s performance with segmented revenue drivers and detailed financial insights.

Streamlined Earnings Season Analysis

Our Revisions and Surprise Analysis tools cut through the noise, providing immediate insights into analyst revisions and surprises post-earnings. Quickly assess the magnitude and direction of revisions, facilitating prompt and informed decisions.

Built-In Data Normalization

Access pre-standardized line items to move beyond headline numbers and get granular. Our Standardized Data offers a normalized view across companies and industries, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your research processes.

Seamless Excel Integration

Visible Alpha integrates directly with Excel, enabling buy-side professionals to pull consensus estimates, broker data, historicals, and other data sets seamlessly into their financial models. Build robust models within seconds with our Excel Template Library and real-time data integration.

Alerts and Watchlists

Stay ahead of changing market expectations with custom alerts and watchlists. Receive notifications for line item revisions, new consensus views, and more, ensuring you never miss critical updates.

Industry Analysis

Gain unparalleled insights into sector dynamics with our Industry Analysis feature. Access industry-specific KPIs, visualize peer group trends, and identify relevant positioning within your sector.

Enhanced Transparency and Auditability

Visible Alpha provides complete auditability for nearly every data point, ensuring trust and confidence in data integrity. Reverse engineer consensus estimates and view original formulas within downloaded Excel models.

Real-Time Insights

Access real-time data updates within your financial models, ensuring decisions are made with the most current information. Refresh your data with a single click and use custom formulas with the freshest analyst and consensus data available.