Discover the Power of Visible Alpha Insights for Corporate Teams

Empowering Investor Relations Excellence

Discover How IR Professionals are Simplifying Their Workflows

In the fast-paced world of finance and corporate strategy, Investor Relations (IR) professionals play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between companies and their investors. Effective communication, financial transparency, and fostering trust among stakeholders are crucial. Yet, IR professionals face unique and evolving challenges—from managing analyst models to deciphering complex estimates data, crafting persuasive financial narratives, tracking revisions, and staying competitive. Visible Alpha simplifies IR workflows, making these tasks more manageable.

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Why Visible Alpha for IR Professionals?

Streamlining Access to Broker Models

Managing multiple log-in credentials for various brokers can be time-consuming and frustrating. Visible Alpha offers a centralized hub for accessing broker models and reports, enabling IR professionals to focus on strategic tasks.

Built-In Data Normalization

Normalizing numerous sell-side models is a laborious process. Visible Alpha’s machine learning algorithms and financial specialists handle this, providing pre-standardized line items for quick, granular insights.

Real-Time Insights

IR professionals need real-time data updates to keep their models current. Visible Alpha ensures access to the freshest analyst and consensus estimates, automatically refreshing data within Excel models.

Enhanced Transparency and Auditability

Visible Alpha provides complete auditability for every data point, including original formulas in downloaded Excel models. This ensures trust and confidence in data integrity.

Monitoring Analyst Revisions

Visible Alpha’s alerting system keeps IR professionals informed of any changes or updates, helping them stay ahead of market trends with tools like Revisions Analysis.

Sizing Up Against Peers

Understanding both their company and peers is crucial for IR professionals. Visible Alpha’s Industry Analysis Tool provides pre-built tables comparing companies across industry-specific metrics.

In-Depth Competitor Insights

Visible Alpha offers access to over 1 million consensus line items and company financial data segmented by line of business, helping IR professionals understand competitors better.

Excel Integration

Visible Alpha integrates directly with Excel, allowing IR professionals to map sell-side and consensus estimates data effortlessly to their models using a simple, assistive UI.