Interactions Hub

Streamlining the distribution of interactions data

Simplify an inefficient and time-consuming process

No longer do you need to submit interactions data to a multitude of different vendors in different formats. With Visible Alpha’s Interactions Hub, sell-side users can upload their interactions with buy-side clients once and correct any errors or inconsistencies. Then, Visible Alpha efficiently transforms and delivers the data to third-party vendors in the formats required.

Here’s how the Visible Alpha Interactions Hub works:

Upload your interactions data on Interactions Hub

1. Upload your interactions data

Send your buy-side client interactions via a provided template, XML or by uploading your own template.

2. Fill in any missing information and correct errors

Leverage our proprietary data normalization and cleansing process to fix duplicates and make enhancements based on the data available.

Fill in any missing information correct errors with Interactions Hub
Interactions Hub publish your interactions to vendors

3. Publish your interactions to vendors

Your interactions data is automatically transformed and published to many of your vendor relationships.

Simplify the way you share your interactions data

Get started with Visible Alpha’s Interactions Hub