Our mission

Connected research network, elevated investment insights

Redefining the research experience

With a continually growing and expanding network of research providers, investment professionals and powerful analytics, new insights on companies, analysts, provider value and more can be uncovered and acted upon efficiently and effectively.

Setting the bar for industry collaboration

Partnering with all market participants, we are transforming the investment research distribution, consumption and analysis experience so that the missions and ambitions of all involved are accelerated.

Our truths

Investors and research providers are not adversaries, they are partners in generating alpha and maximizing value creation. Shepherding the investment insights of this collaborative network requires both deep support from both sides of the industry. It also takes the desire and ability to connect and enhance data and relationships that is embedded in our DNA.

Our promise is to improve the research experience for all.

We are inclusive

We bring together the relevant contributors, content and consumers to empower the timely distribution and discovery of research insights.

We are stewards

We inspire and affect positive change by establishing and continually elevating the way research can be consumed, analyzed, tracked, valued and shared.

We are connectors

We create and maintain a first-class research experience for all parties with tools that strengthen and streamline the connection points and relationships that already exist between the buy side, sell side and other parties.

We are transparent

Working with both sides of the market, we are unbiased in our approach, transparent in our operations and are creating a new kind of research experience together.

Redefine your research experience

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