Visible Alpha Data Now Available on Snowflake

Visible Alpha Data Now Available On Snowflake

Visible Alpha, a financial technology company that enhances the investment research process by extracting value from sell-side analyst spreadsheet models, research reports and corporate access events, announced today that it will deploy its proprietary standardized financial and operating metrics on Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This will provide investment professionals with historical and forecast consensus data on KPI, segment and financial metrics for over 6,000 publicly-traded companies across 150 industries.

va-snowflake-ad_NOTEXT1200x638Visible Alpha’s proprietary standardized financial and operating data is now live in the marketplace. Prior to Visible Alpha, investors were left to high-level metrics such as revenue and earnings per share as a means of understanding the market’s conviction on companies and industries. Now, investors can rely on Visible Alpha to understand the true operating metrics that drive company and industry performance.  

Snowflake helps users centralize, integrate and analyze disparate data sources in the cloud for faster and more cost-effective decision-making. By leveraging Snowflake Data Marketplace, clients will be able to seamlessly consume Visible Alpha’s robust datasets and provide them with immediate and secure access for evaluation and testing.

“Visible Alpha has been investing heavily in our data services, and we are encouraged by the positive feedback from clients testing our data through Snowflake,” said David Murdock, Vice President of Product Management, API & Data Products at Visible Alpha. “Delivering our data through Snowflake makes it easier than ever for institutional investors to access, test and start leveraging our unique data, alongside their other data sources, allowing them to spend more time crafting investment theses and generating alpha.”

“In today’s investment research landscape, the ability to quickly and securely access and test new data sets is imperative,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Data Marketplace at Snowflake. “Snowflake streamlines inefficiencies in the data onboarding process for investment professionals by providing a structured, secure way to access data. We look forward to seeing how Snowflake’s technology combined with Visible Alpha’s data enables clients to generate new investment insights.”

To start accessing Visible Alpha content on Snowflake via data sharing, visit the Data Marketplace tab in your Snowflake account or contact Visible Alpha at [email protected].

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