Provider Evaluation

Much more than a broker vote

Streamline the way you evaluate research providers

With a comprehensive framework that includes a quantitative review of your consumption data and a qualitative feedback process, this Provider Valuation is much more than your typical broker vote.

The most flexible provider evaluation tool

  • Align your voting process with the structure of your team
  • Adjust your provider evaluation results by applying a qualitative overlay
  • Gain visibility into interactions that impact the valuation process most substantially
  • Run multiple votes at the same time
  • Visualize each investment professionals’ evaluation score by provider or interaction type
  • Quickly analyze rankings and the distribution of results before investment professionals submit their evaluation

Quick and effective setup process

  • Create your valuation framework based on components, interaction types and/or meeting types
  • Set the granularity at which to evaluate your providers
  • Measure provider scores with points or dollar amounts
  • Better understand the impact of each sell-side interaction on your performance

Enjoy the flexibility of setting up and managing your provider evaluation process with three options:

Visible Alpha Provider Evaluation standard setup


A pool of votes is set and investment professionals are able to evaluate providers on standard interaction types, such as corporate access events, research and sales

Visible Alpha Provider Evaluation budget-based setup


A distinct budget is set on a user level and must be allocated to their provider relationships

Visible Alpha Provider Evaluation multi-format setup


A flexible system to run multiple valuation programs at the same time and also customize the components that individuals can select

Get access to the most flexible provider evaluation system

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