Maiden Century

Founded in 2021, Maiden Century sits at the confluence of asset management, alternative data and technology. Built on the buy side, and battle tested with a proven track record of generating strong alpha, Maiden Century’s two core products (IDEA and QTIP) help fundamental and systematic investors harness the power of their data resources to generate powerful investment insights.

Visible Alpha is a financial technology company that enhances the investment research process by extracting meaningful value from key sellside assets, including analyst models, research reports and corporate access events through partnerships with the world’s premier investment research organizations. Visible Alpha’s deep consensus data provides granular and timely insights into the sell-side view of companies, industries and peer groups.

The majority of things we do today – covering 1,200+ companies, more than 2,500 KPIs, leveraging 60 different data sets, and running tens of thousands of models every day – would not be possible without the tools Visible Alpha has built.

– Qaisar Hasan, founder and CEO, Maiden Century