Granular Consensus Estimates and Secure Model Distribution

Visible Alpha provides equity research analysts and salespeople with greater clarity into your unique views. We facilitate a seamless and protected distribution and consumption experience for your models and research for your clients. Gain greater insight into your unique views and deepen client engagement with Visible Alpha.

Visible Alpha provides complimentary access to equity research teams at contributing brokers.

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What We Offer

  • Most Granular and Timely Consensus Data

    Visible Alpha captures the logic buried in analyst models. As a contributor, compare your company forecasts against the same consensus data your clients use to better communicate your unique views.

  • Quantify the Industry Story with Standardized Industry Metrics

    By leveraging the most comprehensive financial and operating metrics and pre-built, customizable comp tables, you can conduct relative analysis in ways never before possible.

  • IP Protection with Strict Entitlements

    By contributing your models to Visible Alpha, equity sales departments can more effectively service clients through streamlined distribution. Our self-service, user-friendly entitlements platform offers you greater control over your content by entitling at an individual, group, interest or subsegment level.

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