The Race to Stay Ahead

How Leading Asset Managers are Modernizing the Investment Research Process

The financial landscape is rapidly evolving—characterized by increasing market volatility, declining assets under management, and more sophisticated client demands. Staying competitive requires being several steps ahead of these challenges.

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Our latest white paper “The Race to Stay Ahead: How Leading Asset Managers are Modernizing the Investment Research Process,” delves into practical solutions tailored for fundamental active managers to modernize research operations and address specific challenges related to their investment research process and product models.

Uncover Valuable Insights and Strategic Solutions

  • Strategies to Navigate Economic Shifts: Learn effective methods to handle rising inflation and interest rates while maintaining robust operations.
  • Advance Research with Technology: Discover how integrating automation and advanced data models can transform your investment process, enhancing accuracy, speed, and scalability.
  • Enhance Fundamental Research: Learn how you can utilize Visible Alpha’s platform to access sell-side models from 200+ brokers covering over 7000+ companies. Our platform helps streamline the research processes, offering tools for valuation opportunities, idea generation, modeling, forecasting, and benchmarking.