Finding Value in Analyst Estimates for Value Investors

Value investing is a storied strategy that involves buying (long) stocks that appear cheap relative to their intrinsic value, often proxied by fundamental data from financial statements. This concept led many institutions to adopt some form of value investing. But what happens when conventional wisdom seems to falter, as growth stocks soar beyond expectations and the validity of value investing comes into question?

Join Visible Alpha’s Senior Principal Data Scientist, Ihsan Saracgil, Ph.D., as he provides a unique perspective into the underperformance of the value factor. By integrating sell-side analyst expectations into the equation, his research demonstrates how traditional value investing can unintentionally lean towards ‘value trap’ stocks – stocks that only appear cheap and bets against growth stocks for which analysts have the highest expectations after a deep analysis of the fundamentals.

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What You’ll Discover:
  • The power of analyst expectations of a stock’s return on average equity (RoE) in generating alpha and fine-tuning systematic value strategies.
  • Methods to address prevalent criticisms of value investing, while exploring forward-looking measures such as earnings-to-market and revenue-to-market to unveil the true potential of value vs. growth stocks.
  • The influence of intangible assets in today’s market and how to enhance your perception of intangible book-to-market measures.
  • A systematic approach to detect and avoid value traps through the strategic use of analyst expectations of returns.

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Finding Value in Analyst Estimates for Value Investors

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