Model 3 and Model Y to Continue Dominating Tesla Sales; Carvana Sales Estimates Crash

Model 3 And Model Y To Continue Dominating Tesla Sales; Carvana Sales Estimates Crash

In our weekly round-up of the top charts and market-moving analyst insights: Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y are expected to continue contributing the most to Tesla’s overall sales; Carvana’s used car sales are projected to move even lower; Coinbase is not expected to recover lost revenue any time soon; and Nerdwallet’s credit cards segment is poised to help drive sales growth.

Tesla’s Model 3/Y Will Contribute Majority of Sales Until 2028, Say Analysts

Analysts believe the majority of Tesla’s (TSLA) sales will come from Model 3 and Model Y until 2028, according to Visible Alpha consensus. The company is planning to launch several new models in the coming years, such as the CyberTruck, Semi-Truck, Roadster, and a compact entry-level “Model 2” which is expected to be priced around $25K.

Teslas Model Y Will Contribute Majority Of Sales Until Say Analysts

Carvana Car Sales Estimates Crash as Company Cuts Advertising Spend

Carvana’s (CVNA) retail used car sales estimates were slashed again by analysts following weaker-than-expected 4Q22 results due in part to lower advertising spending. The company also announced a plan to reduce total expenditures by $1B over the next 6 months.

Carvana CVNA Used Cars

Coinbase Not Expected to Recover Lost Revenue Anytime Soon, Say Analysts

Coinbase (COIN) revenues are expected to remain below 50% of all-time highs until 2025, according to Visible Alpha consensus. Macroeconomic and regulatory uncertainties have some analysts concerned they may negatively impact transaction volumes, and staking & blockchain rewards revenue.

COIN segment revenue


Nerdwallet Credit Cards & Other Verticals Expected to Drive Sales Growth

Nerdwallet (NRDS) is expected to see its credit card & other verticals segments drive sales growth going forward as the company sees benefits from an improved UX and new products such as a revamped auto insurance marketplace. Analysts believe Nerdwallet will double segment sales in other verticals by 2025, according to Visible Alpha consensus.

NRDS Nerdwallet credit

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