Downstream Oil & Gas KPI Forecasts

Visible Alpha offers detailed consensus estimates for key performance indicators for downstream oil and gas companies across all geographies, sourced from the world’s leading equity analysts.

The downstream oil and gas industry, also known as the oil and gas refining and marketing industry, is the last of three segments in the energy sector value chain. (View Upstream Oil & Gas) Downstream operations involve refining raw crude oil into usable fuels and other petroleum products, as well as marketing, which involves the wholesale and retail distribution of the refined petroleum products.

Below is current consensus forecast data on unit economics, such as refinery capacity and refinery utilization; financials, including free cash flow and net income / (loss); and key ratios, such as net debt / EBITDA and return on average equity. These key downstream oil and gas metrics aid market participants in identifying oil and gas trends and future performance of oil and gas refining and marketing companies, such as Sinopec, TotalEnergies, Chevron Corporation and more. View all Oil & Gas Resources >