Visible Alpha + Business Breakdowns

Visible Alpha + Business Breakdowns

A Recap of February’s Business Breakdowns Podcasts

In February 2022, Visible Alpha was a proud sponsor of Business Breakdowns, a podcast that dives deep into a single company with investors and operators that know it best. Visible Alpha deep consensus data on each company aligns with just how in-depth the conversations go in each episode.

Below is a link to each episode along with a short report highlighting a key revenue driver of the featured company using Visible Alpha consensus data.


VA-Breakdowns-TwitterFebruary 2, 2022 |Twitter: Towing the Clown Car out of the Goldmine

In this episode, listeners find that the investment debate is about much more than just revenue and EPS. The majority of the conversation focused on KPIs is Twitter’s business model, including mDAUs and ARPU. Through our unique consensus dataset, we are able to provide the market perspective on these two KPIs.





VA-Breakdowns-UPSFebruary 9, 2022 |UPS: Leaders of the Package

During this episode, listeners find that operating margins are the “guiding light” that drives the parcel delivery industry, specifically UPS, FedEx and Amazon. Historically, e-commerce has hurt operating margin quite substantially for UPS and FedEx, but recent investments in automation have helped to improve operating efficiency. Visible Alpha consensus shows that analysts expect that these businesses will at least maintain this margin.




VA-Breakdowns-Basic-FitFebruary 16, 2022 |Basic-Fit: Increasing Returns to Scale

During the episode, listeners learn that the Netherlands-based gym operator is running a similar playbook to U.S.-based Planet Fitness. By using economies of scale, and cutting out expensive but rarely used amenities, Basic-Fit offers a gym membership that undercuts mid-market gym rivals as well as capturing significant demand from traditional non-gym goers. Visible Alpha consensus data highlights two KPIs discussed in the podcast: number of gyms and operating income per club.




VA-Breakdowns-NYT February 23, 2022 |The New York Times: The Empire Strikes Back

During the episode, listeners learn how The New York Times embarked on a strategy in 2014 to shift from declining print subscriptions with a free-ad supported model to a digital and subscription-based model. This resulted in a material uptick in digital subscriptions. This strategy, bolstered by factors such as the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. presidential election, resulted in digital revenue surpassing print revenue in 2020. According to Visible Alpha consensus data, digital revenue and digital-only subscribers are expected to continue to grow with a continued decline in print.


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