Independent Franchise Partners Selects Visible Alpha to Incorporate Unique Consensus Forecasts Into Its Research Models

Independent Franchise Partners Selects Visible Alpha To Incorporate Unique Consensus Forecasts Into Its Research Models

New York, August 7, 2018—Independent Franchise Partners (IFP), a leading global investment management firm, today announced it has selected Visible Alpha’s Insights platform to help streamline its research process and incorporate unique and timely consensus forecasts into its investment strategies.

Visible Alpha Insights captures the forecasts, assumptions and logic from thousands of sell-side working models and integrates them into comparable views across analysts. This enables portfolio managers and buy-side analysts to evaluate consensus at an unprecedented level of depth, instantly spot investment controversies among analysts and understand the unique insights these analysts have on companies. Currently there are over 70 brokers contributing their analysts’ raw working models and consensus information on over 2,700 companies.

“Visible Alpha helps us save time by providing access to and aggregating individual analyst models,” said Jayson Vowles, Partner and Portfolio Manager, Independent Franchise Partners. “The granularity and timeliness of the data is unique, and the Excel plug-in makes it easy for us to integrate the data into our own research models and to evaluate changes in detailed consensus estimates.”

“We’re delighted Independent Franchise Partners finds our Insights platform to be a valuable asset to their investment process,” said Emma Margetts, Head of European Operations. “Already a user of our Resource Tracking and Forward Calendar products, it’s great to expand our relationship with IFP to help improve another area of their business.”

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Independent Franchise Partners, LLP was established in 2009 to offer the Franchise investment approach to institutional investors through a dedicated, independent investment management partnership. The Franchise investment approach is based on the understanding that a concentrated portfolio of exceptionally high-quality companies, whose primary competitive advantage is supported by a dominant intangible asset, will earn attractive long-term returns with less than average volatility. This is particularly true when those investments are selected with an absolute value bias. For more information about Independent Franchise Partners, please visit

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