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Access deep forecast data and unique analytics

Visible Alpha captures the forecasts, assumptions and logic from full working models and integrates them into comparable views across analysts. This unique data is available on thousands of companies via the Visible Alpha Insights platform, Excel Add-In or API.

Hone in on the fundamental drivers of companies important to you

Hone in on the fundamental drivers of companies important to you

Evaluate consensus at an unprecedented level of depth

Evaluate consensus at an unprecedented level of depth

Instantly discover investment controversies

Instantly discover investment controversies

Understand unique insights from the Street’s highly regarded analysts

Understand unique insights from the Street’s highly regarded analysts

“I used to spend 5 hours [doing sell-side model aggregation and analysis], now I can do it in 2 minutes.”

Analyst, $1.5B Directional Hedge Fund

How would you like to access Visible Alpha Insights?

Visible Alpha Insights expanding global coverage

Continuously expanding, global coverage

  • 9,500+ companies on Visible Alpha Insights with broker Excel models
  • 3,500+ companies with unique consensus information
  • 100+ brokers contributing models

The deepest consensus data

  • Access company-specific consensus templates with an average of 200 line items of data per company
  • Explore full income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements along with revenue models and segment data
  • Audit each line item with direct links to the underlying models and filings

Robust charting tools

  • 6 charting tools focused on key analytical tasks available on 200+ line items for each company
    1. Distribution Analysis
    2. Distribution Range
    3. Trend Bar Chart
    4. Revision 1 Year, Daily
    5. Revision 2 Years, Monthly
    6. Surprise Line Chart
  • Discover analyst outliers in an instant with our distribution charts
  • Isolate beats or misses on any company through historical surprise analysis charting
  • Identify optimistic or pessimistic trends with daily and monthly revisions charts
  • Chart consensus and growth trends over time on any line item

Suite of visualizations and analytics

  • 7 visualization and analytical tools to quickly extract insights from the data
  • Visualize how analysts have revised their estimates at any point in time
  • Analyze year over year, sequential and absolute growth rates on each line item
  • Deploy heat maps to identify the bulls and the bears, variations in analyst estimates and earnings surprises
    • Calls above consensus are blue and calls below consensus are red, with the darkness of the color reflecting the degree of difference

Instant access to sell-side data

  • Compare broker estimates quickly and easily for each line item and period
  • Download the latest model with one click – Visible Alpha receives all live, working models instantly via feeds from brokers
  • View the historical model archive and time-travel through every broker estimate

How is Visible Alpha Consensus created?

how Visible Alpha consensus is created

Ingest full sell-side models

Receive live feeds of full working models from the sell side

Apply machine learning

Extract all of the fundamental forecasts buried deep within analyst models

Build unique consensus models

Create detailed consensus analytics across all of a company’s products, segments, geographies and more

Continually update & optimize consensus

Update company consensus models with every new analyst model received from the sell side

The result

A normalized view of the relevant metrics for a given company in a clean, comparable consensus model

Improving the utility of deep consensus estimates

Uncover new insights

Our team of sector specialists apply machine learning to compute consensus on every line item within company models. By sourcing this information from working sell-side analyst models, Visible Alpha’s consensus information is the deepest and most complete in the industry.

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Download Tear Sheets to access Excel-based snapshots of the latest consensus and broker estimates

Earnings Previews

Assess how estimates have changed over specific time periods and review a snapshot of the Street’s views on key metrics

Earnings Reviews & Surprise Analysis

Perform surprise analysis at a very granular level and understand how the Street has revised their estimates since the company reported earnings

Leverage the power of Insights from within Microsoft Excel

  • Incorporate the latest consensus forecasts into your own model
  • Get content from all of your entitled brokers in one place
  • Travel through our point-in-time database

“Your [Excel] add-in is a game-changer. I want to use this for every name I care about.”

Analyst, $25B Activist Long/Short Hedge Fund

Connect directly to the Visible Alpha Insights API

Visible Alpha Insights API call all relevant metrics

Call relevant metrics

Extract the information important to you using structured cells to grab data from the entire database of metrics, KPIs and assumptions

Visible Alpha Insights API access full insights data

Full Insights data

Access current estimates, revisions history, broker and consensus estimates, future forecasts, historical filings and more

Visible Alpha Insights API standardized data

Standardized data

Coming soon: Standardized Data across 2,100+ companies allowing you to easily compare and contrast metrics across tickers

Access the deepest consensus data available

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